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Between War & Here: NPR War Correspondents Address the Impacts of War In a Performance in Maine


Leading into Veterans Day, we speak with longtime NPR war correspondents Neal Conan and Anne Garrels, who are in Maine as part of the East Coast tour of “Between War & Here.” The performance combines music, poetry and memoir to explore the themes of honor, courage, loss and hope. The journalists have teamed up with the chamber group Ensemble Galilei for this project, and will share their stories from their reporting careers as well as their involvement with this artistic collaboration. Ensemble Galilei’s founder Carolyn Surrick joins the discussion as well.


Neal Conan, was the longtime host of NPR's Talk of the Nation, and was anchor of NPR's live coverage of 9/11 and the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Before that, he covered wars in the Middle East and Northern Ireland. He was also executive producer of All Things Considered. He now splits his time between Montana and Hawaii, where he farms macadamia nuts.

Anne Garrels, former NPR war correspondent who covered conflicts in Chechnya, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel and the West Bank. She was one of the few nonembedded journalists who stayed in Baghdad during the Iraq war, which she wrote about in her memoir, "Naked in Baghdad."

Carolyn Surrick, founder of the Ensemble Galilei and author of a book of poetry titled, "Between War and Here"