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School Resource Officers: Calls For Police Reform Focus on Removing SROs; Schools Debate SRO Role

Andreas Fuhrmann / AP

As part of the response to nationwide calls for police reform and racial justice, communities across Maine are reevaluating the use of school resources officers. Portland Schools have made the move to remove SROs, in line with those who say that other social service professionals would be more relevant and that police officers put students of color more at risk. Others in Maine support the use of SROs, especially after frequent school shooting prompted a call for greater security in schools.


Danielle Layton, research consultant, Maine Youth Action Network

Mike Gordon, school resource officer, Sanford High School, Sanford Regional Vocational Center, Lincoln School

Kiernan Majerus-Collins (call-in), Lewiston School Committee member

Olivia Bean (call-in), 9th grade earth science teacher, Portland Public Schools

Josh Wood (call-in), student, Sanford schools

Jennifer Brooks (call-in), principal, Congin Elementary School in Westbrook


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