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Domestic Violence: The Pandemic Makes Abuse More Likely and Help More Difficult to Access


Since the pandemic began, instances of domestic abuse have been on the rise, as those who are vulnerable face additional challenges. Not only are people confined at home more, increasing the likelihood of abuse, but shelters and support systems are harder to access due to COVID-19. We’ll talk with local experts about who is being affected and how they can access help. We’ll also hear about a new campaign in Maine to call attention to the prevalence of domestic violence.


Francine Garland Stark, executive director, Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence

Daryl Fort, board president, Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence; his focus is gender violence prevention

Patrisha McLean (call-in), photographer; founder and president, Finding Our Voices, focusing on partner abuse; formerly married to singer Don McLean, who was charged with domestic violence


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