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Maine State Flag: The Current Version Versus The Original Design & Why Symbols Matter

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There is a movement to change the Maine state flag from the current flag, with its blue background and state seal, to the pre-1909 flag, featuring a simple pine tree and star. We’ll discuss some of the flag’s history, and how the original design has become marketable as part of the Maine brand. We’ll also talk about a bill that proposes to revert to the original flag.


Chris Korzen, co-founder and co-owner of Maine Flag Company and Original Maine

Jamie Ritter, Maine state librarian

Rep. Sean Paulhus, Maine House of Representatives, District 52-Bath

Leslie Harlow, owner, 207mainer gift shop in Ellsworth and Ironbound restaurant & inn in Hancock

Kevin Ouellette, owner, Maine Souvenir Shop in Portland


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