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Stimulant Drugs: Use and Addiction to Stimulants Is the Other Drug Crisis In Maine; What is Being Done About To Curb It


The challenges of substance use disorder often focus on opioids, but another category of drugs is also causing widespread problems. Stimulants—such as cocaine and methamphetamines, as well as medicines for attention deficit disorder—lead to a substantial percentage of drug addiction, overdoses and deaths. We'll discuss the dangers of stimulant use, how prevalent they are in Maine—and what is being done for prevention, treatment and recovery.

Panelists: Dr. Ronald Springel, executive director, Maine Association of Recovery Residences; physician consultant
Becky Ireland, senior program coordinator, Center for Excellence in Public Health, University of New England

VIP Callers:
Seth Davis, visiting professor, Department of Psychology, Husson University; his research explores how psychoactive drugs produce different effects based on gender or stages of development
Kristen N., nurse practitioner in long-term recovery from prescription psychostimulant use disorder

Calling 211 in Maine gives you access to a directory of resources
Eyes Open For ME
National Parent Helpline 1-855-4A PARENT
Maine CDC's Epidemiological Workgroup just launched a new website where the public can go to find data on substance use in Maine: https://www.maineseow.com/
Prevention materials can be ordered for free at the Maine Prevention Store https://www.mainepreventionstore.com/
You Are Prevention
American Addiction Centers
NIH Prescription Stimulant Drug facts
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