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Bird Conservation & Appreciation: Protecting Birds In the Face of Global Population Decline & Summertime Birding in Maine


Maine’s beloved and diverse bird populations are in decline. In North America, the bird population is down by some 3 billion birds since 1970. We’ll talk about which Maine species are in danger, what the causes are, and what is being done to protect them. We’ll also learn about birding this time of year, and we’ll hear about a new book by a Maine-based loon expert.

Doug Hitchcox, staff naturalist, Maine Audubon
Jeff Wells, vice president for boreal conservation, National Audubon
VIP Callers:
Seth Davis, co-coordinator, Maine Young Birders Club
James Paruk, loon expert and professor of biology, St. Joseph's College; author of a new book Loon Lessons

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