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Recent reports show that New Englanders consume more alcohol than people in other parts of the nation, and that alcohol-related deaths have increased most sharply among ages 25-34.

Alcohol use disorder has gotten less attention in recent years due to the opioid crisis. But, in Maine, unhealthy use of alcohol continues to be a problem. A recent report, published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, found that almost 11% of adults aged 65 and older reported binge drinking – having more than five drinks for men and four for women – at least once in the past month. We’ll discuss the various forms of alcohol abuse, what demographic groups are most affected, and what people can do to find support and recovery for those affected, including family members.

This is part of our ongoing focus on substance use issues in Maine.

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Nips, those tiny bottles of booze that Maine Governor Paul LePage wants banned, are here to stay. For now anyway. The Maine Liquor and Lottery Commission voted against the administration’s proposal to outlaw sale of the 50 milliliter bottles, which the governor says were linked to increased incidents of drunken driving and littering.

Getting comfortable talking about about alcohol.  Learn about a new program designed to break down barriers to talking about alcohol use.  We'll discuss how to have what can be a difficult - but important - conversation... and steps to take to get health care professionals, caregivers, family and friends - comfortable with the subject of alcohol use. 

The line extends beyond the frame of the picture at Maine Brewing Company in Freeport.
John Bradford, MPBN

Maine Beer Company expanded its brewing and retail operations to Freeport, a bit more than one year ago from a small industrial space in Portland. The craft brewer is fitting right in as a tourism destination with its more notable neighbors L.L. Bean, Nike, Patagonia, Brooks Bros. and Calvin Klein with today's release of "Dinner," a Double IPA bursting with hops.

  Craft distilleries are making their mark in Maine. Why is Maine gaining a reputation for fine vodkas, gins and other top shelf beverages?

Host Keith Shortall was joined by:

Jon Myers, bartender at The Grill Room

Joe Swanson, Director of Sales and Marketing for Maine Distilleries, LLC

and Ned Wight, Owner/Distiller New England Distilling

Breweries in Maine

Jul 3, 2012

  Maine's thriving craft brewery businesses were discussed with a panel of brewers.

Host Keith Shortall was joined by :

 Rob Tod from Allagash,

 Tim Adams from Oxbow, 

 and Dave Evans from the Great Lost Bear  

Maine Brewers Guild

MPBN went on Brewery tours prior to this Maine Calling program. Click here to view a slideshow