Spring is prime time for citizen scientists, also called "community scientists," to get involved with helping to gather data for research about our natural world and more. Even with public health and social distancing in mind, many opportunities to contribute to citizen science projects exist all across Maine, and globally as well. We’ll learn what they are, and how to participate.

The steep decline in birds throughout North America has been dubbed a "crisis." New research published recently in Science shows bird populations have dropped by about 3 billion across North America—an overall decline of 29 percent from 1970. As the annual Christmas Bird Count kicks off (Dec 14-25), we discuss why this is happening, what the outlook is for birds in Maine, and what individuals can do to help.

This show is part of Maine Calling's ongoing coverage of topics that reflect the unique character of Maine. This episode was originally broadcast April 5, 2019, and was rebroadcast June 7, 2019.

One of the beloved symbols of Maine, the loon is categorized as a “species of greatest conservation need.” We’ll learn about why the loon is such an iconic Maine species, how the loon population is doing in Maine, and what conservation efforts are underway to protect this aquatic bird and its habitat.

Isaac Merson

As bird enthusiasts gear up for spring migration, our panel of bird experts will discuss what to watch for, as well as the ornithological news out of Maine—including the dearly departed Great Black Hawk.

Birding in Maine

Apr 6, 2018
Robert F. Bukaty / Associated Press

Broadcast live from the Schoodic Institute.

This year has been declared the “Year of the Bird” to celebrate the passage of the Migratory Bird Treaty. We’ll hear from expert birders about the importance of the Migratory Bird Treaty and why Maine is an ideal spot for birders.