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On a gray fall day at Goranson’s Farm in Dresden, Carl Johanson evaluates a crop of soon-to-be harvested cabbage, lettuce and spinach, reflecting on the two year effort to comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act, or FSMA.

Maine's agricultural future depends on the interest and involvement of young people. We'll learn about the programs and educational efforts aimed at fostering the farmers of tomorrow—and why some see these young people as essential to the economic success and culture of our state.

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Do you ever wonder what farmers are doing when it's 20 degrees below zero and the snow is as high as an elephant's eye?

Eliot Coleman is a pioneer of the organic farming movement. He joins us to discuss the revised and expanded edition of his classic work. He presents the simplest and most sustainable ways of growing top-quality organic vegetables and updates practical information on marketing the harvest, small-scale equipment, and farming and gardening for the long-term health of the soil.

A still from Forgotten Farms

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Thur., February 7 at 10:00 pm

Dairy Farms remain the backbone of agriculture in New England, but they fight for survival in an age of artisan cheese and kale.

Misty Meadows Farms in Clinton prepares for the Farm Days trade show Thur., Aug. 23 & Fri., Aug. 24.

A working farm in Clinton is hosting a two day Agricultural Trade Show through tomorrow. Organizers say Maine Farms Days at Misty Meadows Farm is designed to give the public and farmers the opportunity to visit a working farm, see the operation of new equipment and technology and experience different areas of agriculture.

Dale Finseth, Executive Director of the Kennebec Soil and Water Conversation District, says the event dates back to at least 1969. He says it’s his understanding that the event initially focused on dairy farms and farmers.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is making Maine farms hard-hit by the drought eligible for federal assistance.

The USDA has designated Androscoggin and Oxford counties as primary natural disaster areas because of the dry summer.

Small Farming in Maine

Jul 13, 2016

Maine is bucking a national trend – as farms and farmland shrink in other states, the number of new farms in Maine has been on the rise for more than a decade. What does it take to be a small farmer in Maine?  Where can new farmers turn to get help? We’ll learn what it takes to till the land and make a living as a farmer in Maine.

Guests:  Tori Lee Jackson, Extension Educator, Associate Professor of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Maine Cooperative Extension, Androscoggin and Sagadahoc Counties Office

A member of the Gregg family uses a team of horses to harvest the crops

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Sunday, July 10 at 5:00 pm

A year in the life of the Gregg family on a four hundred acre farm in Mapleton, Maine where three generations of Country folk still work the land and forest using workhorses.

From harrowing to haying, and from plowing in the fields to twitching out logs in the snowy woods, the Greggs rely on a team of six workhorses to complete their tasks. This film shows heritage farming, done by the Greggs, but it also provides a glimpse into the Gregg family life.

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The growing popularity of the farm-to-table movement and a surge of interest in local food is fueling a renewed interest in agriculture. It’s not just an old-fashioned occupation anymore — students at one Maine college are finding their own ways into the field through one of the state’s only degree programs in farming.

UNION, Maine (AP) _ A series of central Maine workshops geared for beginning farmers will focus on everything from obtaining organic certification to creating better environments for pollinators.

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EASTON, Maine — That side of fries on your plate may have been harvested by a Maine child.

Tim Leary

SACO, Maine — Several Maine dairy farms are pondering their future this week after finding themselves without a way of getting their milk to market. The reason? The hauler who transports their milk says it's no longer profitable to do so.

Soil is more than dirt - it's the basis for healthy food production, supports our planet's biodiversity, and helps the earth combat and adapt to climate change.

Guests:  Ivan Fernandez - Professor of Soil Science at University of Maine's School of Forest Resources, Climate Change Institute, and, School of Food and Agriculture. 

Andrew Carpenter - Founder of the Belfast-based company Northern Tilth - a company that provides organic waste recycling technical services.

Small Farming

Jul 14, 2015

What does it take to run a small farm in Maine?  We'll learn about the challenges and opportunities facing small farmer in our state.

Guests:  Kelly Payson-Roopchand is author of “Birth, Death, and a Tractor: Connecting an Old Farm to a New Family” and owner of Pumpkin Vine Family Farm in Somerville, Maine

Amy Burchstead, with her husband Jeff, owns Buckwheat Blossom Farm in Wiscasset