Goose Rocks Beach

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine's supreme court says Goose Rocks Beach belongs to the town of Kennebunkport and not the beachfront landowners who spent years fighting to keep the public off the beach.

A ten-year-long fight over access to Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport returns to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court Wednesday.

AUGUSTA, Maine - The Maine Supreme Court is wading into a long-running beach dispute in Kennebunkport.

PORTLAND, Maine - Maine's highest court is giving the town of Kennebunkport a second chance to try to keep Goose Rocks Beach open to the public.

The Supreme Judicial Court in February ruled in favor of beachfront landowners before making a rare decision to hear arguments from town lawyers asking the court to reconsider.

Tom Porter/MPBN

The dispute goes back nearly 10 years.  But two months ago, the Maine Supreme Court sided with the property owners,  overturning an earlier lower court decision, which found that the public had established an easement to the beach "by custom," - that is, by having used it consistently over the last 100 or more years.

In the latest development, the Supreme Court granted a request by town and state officials to reconsider the motion, and oral arguments were heard on both sides.