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Along Maine's border with Canada, communities on either side are closely connected, historically, culturally, economically. But the COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily severed that connection, as the governments of the two countries have suspended nonessential travel along the border.

Murray Carpenter / For NPR

The feud over tariffs between President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has rattled many towns along the border, but few are connected as tightly as Madawaska, Maine, and Edmundston, New Brunswick. This is where these linked mills make pulp and paper along the St. John River. With a trade war looming, people on both sides of that river are mystified by the deteriorating international ties.

PORTLAND, Maine - The town manager in the Aroostook County community of Madawaska says he won't move forward with his proposal to drug test people who get state General Assistance money through the town.

The town's Board of Selectmen will take up the issue tonight. In a statement, Ryan Pelletier says he recommends not moving forward with a random drug testing policy at this time, because such a drug testing program for GA recipients would be "problematic, if not impossible, to enforce and administer." 

 MADAWASKA, Maine (AP) _ The Board of Selectmen in a northern Maine town is expected to vote soon on a proposal to drug test welfare recipients.