piping plovers

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SACO, Maine - State and federal authorities are investigating two cases of vandalism of nesting enclosures that are designed to help rare shorebirds in Maine.

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SCARBOROUGH, Maine - Maine wildlife managers said the chicks and eggs of endangered piping plovers have been harmed several times this season, and beachgoers need to be mindful of the rare birds.

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FALMOUTH, Maine — A Maine-based wildlife conservation organization says a record number of piping plovers are nesting in the state so far this year.

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PORTLAND, Maine - Endangered piping plovers have fledged 165 chicks so far this summer for a new record in Maine.

OLD ORCHARD BEACH, Maine - The number of nesting piping plovers in Maine has climbed to record numbers, continuing a positive trend in the state for the endangered birds.

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OGUNQUIT, Maine - Maine officials say the effort to protect a rare bird species has met success with a record number of piping plover hatchlings.

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Maine officials are looking to hire scientists to manage and monitor endangered birds that nest along the state’s coast.

Documents say the management and monitoring of piping plovers and least terns will cost about $178,000. The two birds are listed as endangered in Maine and considered by state authorities to be at risk of localized extinction.

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife says it would need four to six biologists to monitor and manage the birds on 25 beaches between Ogunquit and Georgetown.

Courtesy Maine Audubon

SCARBOROUGH, Maine - Maine wildlife biologists say conservation programs and state partnerships helped more than 100 piping plover chicks fledge in the state last year.
The piping plover is a shorebird that is on the state endangered species list and is listed as threatened at the federal level. The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife says southern Maine beaches hosted 64 nesting pairs last year and 102 chicks fledged.

KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine (AP) _ The first piping plovers of the season are nesting in Maine.

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PORTLAND, Maine - Endangered piping plovers are returning to nest at beaches in southern Maine. Last year, a record number of the fragile shore birds hatched, and last week, the first egg-laden nests of the season were found.

Maine Aububon wildlife biologist Laura Minich Zitske says, so far this year, plover nests have been found in Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Biddeford and Old Orchard Beach.

Courtesy: Maine Audubon Society

SCARBOROUGH, Maine - It's been a good season for the endangered piping plover. Populations of the tiny migrating shorebirds, that like to nest on the sandy beaches of southern and Midcoast Maine during the summer, were perilously low a few years ago. But this year, thanks in large part to the efforts of local communities, monitors have observed the highest numbers on record.

Courtesy: Maine Audubon Society

PORTLAND, Maine - State wildlife experts say they've found the first piping plover nest of the season, as the small shore birds make their way to Maine beaches.

Maine Audubon Seasonal Biologist Tracie Bellinger says the nest was found Monday at Fortune Rock's Beach in Biddeford. She says the nest already had two eggs in it, with a total of four expected.

Now that nesting is underway, biologists are hoping for another successful season for the birds, which are protected as endangered in Maine and as threatened under federal law.

FALMOUTH, Maine - This was a good year for endangered piping plovers in Maine. The nests of the tiny shore birds are small divots in the sand, which make them very vulnerable to predators, including pets.

In Maine plovers are found on beaches along the southern coast. Maine Audubon Wildlife Ecologist Laura Minich Zitske says this year there were 50 pairs of plovers nesting on southern Maine beaches, which she says is the most in more than a decade.