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Kennebec Sheriff Randy Liberty battles PTSD along with several veterans in his charge at the Kennebec County Jail. Liberty’s honesty about his own condition and his efforts to help other veterans vividly depicts the continuing impact of war on the men and women who have served our country.

AUGUSTA, Maine - A police office diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder could have an easier time accessing worker's compensation under a Democrat's bill.

The bill would create a presumption that a first responder's diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder came about from their job. The presumption would be taken as true unless proven otherwise.

Assistant House Majority Leader Jared Golden's bill would apply to law enforcement officers, firefighters, corrections officers or emergency medical services workers.

Courtesy Soldier's Heart

AUGUSTA, Maine - Post traumatic stress disorder emerged as a diagnosis back in 1980. With all that's now known about PTSD, and about the difficulties facing veterans of Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, Dr. Edward Tick says there's still a long way to go. Tick is an author, educator and psychotherapist from New York who has been treating veterans for 40 years. He was at the Togus VA Hospital in Augusta today, where he called for a new approach for dealing with PTSD.



Nov 12, 2013

  As the Iraq and Afghanistan wars wind down, our country is facing another longer-term battle -  against post-traumatic stress. How can we help those with PTSD?

Host Jennifer Rooks was joined by 

Dr. Dave Meyer from Togus VA

Barbara Van Dahlen, founder and Executive Director of Give An Hour

Kathy Russin, MST Program Director at Togus 

Clifford Trott, PhD, Team Leader/Clinical Psychologist, Portland Vet Center