Now that Maine’s K-12 schools will continue with remote learning through the end of the school year, we talk with Maine’s Commissioner of Education, teachers, students and parents about how they have adapted to at-home learning so far.

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Among the many drastic measures Maine has taken in the last week in the effort to contain the spread of coronavirus is the closing of K-12 schools. Top Maine educators discuss the challenges ahead with adjusting to online learning and addressing the needs of Maine children — including providing school meals.

Through many federal mandates, our country has long relied on test scores to objectively define school success. But what does “success” mean for students, teachers and families? Maine schools are working to shift away from emphasizing assessments and standardized tests as isolated measures of success, instead making way for a more holistic approach to learning and gauging students’ readiness as global citizens of the future.

What is the role of school counselors in Maine? With societal pressure on children growing, is there a growing demand for counselors at all grade levels?


Oct 24, 2013

  What can, and should, be done to address bullying in our schools?

Host Keith Shortall was joined by 

Katherine Mayfield, author and former actress, she has just written a book called Bullied – a recovery guide for kids who are bullied 

Chuck Saufler, trainer, former counselor and co-coordinator of the Maine Project Against Bullying 

Safe Schools for All

  Maine Education Secretary Stephen Bowen discussed the safety of Maine's schools in the wake of the fatal shooting of 20 school children and six educators in Newtown, CT.

Host Keith Shortall spoke with:

Maine Education Secretary Stephen Bowen

Bruce St Thomas, therapist based in Portland, ME and  

Susan Giambalvo, LCSW, Program Director for the Center for Grieving Children.

School Lunches

Oct 2, 2012

  School lunch choices are changing. Healthy food choices are appearing in school cafeterias. What are the new school nutrition guidelines and standards, and what do they mean for our children?

Host Keith Shortall was joined by:

Tyler Goodwin, Nutrition Services Director, Wells Ogunquit CSD

Heidi Kessler, School nutrition manager for statewide Let’s Go! Nutrition program at Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at Maine Medical Center

and Adam Williams, founder of FoodCycle