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The Company We Keep

At Maine Public, we are very fortunate to have businesses and organizations from across Maine see value in reaching our audience across nearly every business sector.

Next time you hear or see a message on air, and you happen into that business, we encourage you to thank them for supporting Maine Public. If you find yourself considering making a purchase or engaging a professional service, please consider choosing one of the businesses that support us from the list below.

Thank you!

  • Underwriting on Maine Public has the impact of a traditional media buy with the added benefit of supporting Maine's leading public media organization.
  • Maine Public's Underwriting Policies seek to preserve the unique, non-commercial nature of public broadcasting in Maine. We believe it is critical that, in addition to providing exceptional programming and independent journalistic content, we maintain an environment for airing underwriting announcements that follow established national guidelines from our PBS and NPR partners, and meet all federally-mandated Federal Communications Commission rules and regulations, understanding the essential character of Maine Public’s non-commercial service.