Maine Public Board of Trustees

  • Ron Bancroft, Chair, Cumberland
    Ron Bancroft, Maine Public Board Chair
  • Marion Freeman, Vice Chair, Freeport
  • Eleanor Baker, Cape Elizabeth
  • Mazie Cox, Rockport
  • Maria Gallace, Cape Elizabeth
  • Brenda Garrand, Portland
  • Dennis Haarsager, Kittery Point
  • Jay Hibbard, Portland
  • George Isaacson, Brunswick
  • Phyllis Jalbert, Freeport
  • Adam Lee, Cumberland
  • Marjorie Murray Medd, Norway
  • Kathryn Olmstead, Caribou
  • Susan Onion, Wayne
  • George Silverman, Portland
  • Ken Spirer, Portland
  • Karl W. Turner, Cumberland
  • Mark Vogelzang, President and CEO, Lewiston

Trustee Emeritus

  • Bonnie Adams
  • Suzanne Austin
  • Sally Beaudette
  • MaryEllen FitzGerald
  • Lincoln Ladd
  • Barry McCrum
  • David Morse
  • John Wasileski

Meetings or portions of meetings at which matters relating to individual employees, proprietary information, litigation or certain other confidential matters discussed are closed to the public pursuant to 47 U.S.C. sec. 396(k)(4). All or portions of the meetings of the Board of Trustees, including Committee Meetings, may be closed to the public pursuant to this statute as the agenda for those meetings may be dedicated to matters relating to proprietary information.

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