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The Cold-Blooded Reality of the Al Brady Gang and its Bangor Demise

Courtesy Trudy Irene Scee
Maine writer Trudy Irene Scee's new book chronicles the exploits of the Al Brady gang.

Credit Irwin Gratz / MPBN
Bangor writer Trudy Irene Scee.

PORTLAND, Maine - On Oct. 12, 1937, gangster Al Brady and one other member of his crime gang were gunned down on the streets of Bangor.  They were the last of the depression-era criminal gangs.  Movie theater goers saw newsreel footage of the gang’s end. Brewer writer Trudy Irene Scee has researched the rest of the story for her book, "Public Enemy Number One: The True Story of the Al Brady Gang."  Scee spoke with MPBN’s Irwin Gratz.