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Public Weighs in on Plan to Move York Toll Plaza

PORTLAND, Maine - York residents and officials continued today to argue against moving the Maine Turnpike toll plaza. The Turnpike Authority has, for years, looked at alternative sites, saying the current location is poor.

A new study, by Jacobs Engineering, suggests that a site 1.3 miles north of the current location would be safer, and $20 million less expensive, than rebuilding at the current location.

At a meeting of the Turnpike Authority Thursday, York resident Dick Boldin wondered if Jacobs Engineering had done its job.

"Some of the answers that we've been given, some of the discussions we've had, there really hasn't been a clean slate - that they've gone back and used old, possibly flawed, metrics and conclusions from previous H.N.T.B. studies, C.D.M. Smith studies, etcetera," Boldin said. "And I express that as a concern."

Turnpike Authority Chairman Dan Wathen says today's comments will be among the factors board members will consider when they actually make the site selection next month.