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Major Nor'easter To Hit Maine Overnight With High Winds, Heavy Rain

A major nor'easter will be coming into Maine overnight, with heavy rain and very high winds, especially along the coast.Todd Foisy, of the National Weather Service in Caribou, says high winds when leaves are still on the trees could create problems.

"And when the leaves are on the trees and you get winds like this, that makes them a little more vulnerable to the winds, and they fall over a little bit easier, and can cause power issues a little bit more easily than if the leaves were off the trees," Foisy says.

Fallen leaves could also cause flooding if they get stuck in gutters.

The strongest winds - with gusts up to about 55 miles an hour - will be along the coast, forecasters say. But even areas inland and in northern Maine will have gusts of up to about 40 miles an hour.

"The greatest impacts will be from Down East Maine to the southwest to Portland, but there will be impacts in northern Maine as well," Foisy says.

He says Bangor could also see wind gusts of up to about 50 miles an hour.