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America's Most-Watched Nurse Rides Bike, Eats Pizza

Patty Wight

FORT KENT, Maine - The most scrutinized nurse in America, Kaci Hickox, went for a bike ride this morning and, in the process, violated Maine state Ebola protocols for home quarantine.  Since she returned to Fort Kent earlier this week, Hickox has been under watchful eye - from both the state police and media.  Patty Wight has the latest on the nurse who recently treated Ebola patients in West Africa.


You could call it a media frenzy. About two dozen local and national media cars line the street outside the house Kaci Hickox shares with her boyfriend.  Reporters chat with each other and to their editors on their phones. A cluster of camera tripods are positioned directly across from the house.  People and their equipment are ready to spring into action whenever Hickox emerges.

"I have a head shot," one says.

The first chance came around 9 a.m. Thursday, when Hickox and her partner, Ted Wilbur, casually but quickly rode bicycles down their driveway and around the corner, with a stream of media cars and state police in pursuit. The couple turned off down a trail and left most of the media behind. When they returned to their house about an hour later, Hickox said she didn't see any reason not to go.

"There is no legal action against me, so I'm free to go on a bike ride in my hometown," she said.

Hickox says she's hoping to find middle ground with the state of Maine, which requires individuals who have treated Ebola patients to self-quarantine in their homes.  
"I hope we can go back into negotiations today," she says.

Credit Patty Wight / MPBN
The scene today outside the house Kaci Hickox shares with her boyfriend Ted Wilbur.

Hickox says she wants to get back to normal life, and mentioned to reporters Wednesday that she was craving pizza from local Fort Kent restaurant, the Mooseshack.  Staff at the Mooseshack decided to send Hickox a pizza on Thursday and fielded phone calls from across the country from people offering to pay for it. 

The Mooseshack sought police permission to deliver but never got a response.  Late Thursday afternoon, they delivered what they say is one of Hickox's favorites - pepperoni, black olive, and mushroom.