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Program Working Overtime to Get Meals to Seniors

LEWISON, Maine - Meals on Wheels in Lewiston has been doing double and triple duty over the past week to deliver multiple meals to recipients to last throughout the onslaught of storms.

David Moyer, nutrition manager for Seniors Plus, which runs the Meals on Wheels program, says that advance preparation continued today.

"We've prepared a country chicken casserole today for an entree if we were going to serve. Since we're not serving, we're turning it all into frozen meals instead," Moyer says."We'll probably end up with about 400 to 500 frozen meals just out of this item that will help replace the storm packs that had to go out for today's meal."

While Moyer is pleased that all participants in the program have enough meals to ride out storms, he says there is a need to get more meals out. Currently, 59 people are on a wait list for the program that serves Androscoggin, Franklin, and Oxford counties.