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Maine Secretary Of State Tries To Clear Up 'Real ID' Confusion

Associated Press

Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap is trying to clear up some confusion about so-called "Real ID" now that the Maine Bureau of Motor vehicles has begun issuing two different types of drivers' licenses and state ID cards.

Since July 1, Mainers have been offered the option of receiving licenses and ID's that comply with the federal Real ID Act.  Real-ID is the post-9-11 statute that requires state ID's to be more like passports.  

However, Mainers can still choose licenses that do not comply with Real ID, something clearly marked on the license. Maine officials are trying to inform cashiers, pharmacists, bank tellers and others who must check customer ID's that licenses marked "Not Valid For Real ID Purposes" are still valid for all state ID purposes, such as conducting financial transactions, purchasing liquor and tobacco and other age-restricted items, and registering to vote. 

Beginning in October 2020, the federal government will require Real ID-compliant identification for domestic air travel or access to secure federal facilities.