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Park Director Wants To Take 'Mount' Out Of 'Mount Katahdin'

Patrick Whittle
Associated Press
The mountain now known as Mount Katahdin is from a location within the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument, in this June 2017 photo.

DOVER-FOXCROFT, Maine - The director of the Baxter State Park Authority is floating the idea dropping the "Mount'' from Maine's "Mount Katahdin.'' Eben Sypitkowski told Piscataquis County Commissioners in an email that Katahdin gets its name from an Abenaki or Penobscot words that mean "greatest mountain.'' Therefore, he said there's no need for the word "Mount.'' He said that's redundant, like calling it "Mount Greatest Mountain.''
He wrote that he applied to the USGS Board of Geographic Names for a name change of the summit. He said he wanted feedback on a township that also bears the Mount Katahdin name.

The proposal was met with skepticism.
Chairman James White said Thursday the commissioners aren't convinced the change is necessary - especially considering the cost of changing maps and signs.