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Maine Astronaut Jessica Meir Joins NASA Moon Mission

James Blair
Astronaut Jessica Meir is seen during her ASCAN EVA Skills 1 Training on Oct. 27, 2014.

Astronaut and Caribou-native Jessica Meir will join a team of 17 other astronauts as part of a new NASA initiative to put people on the moon.

“It is really incredibly exciting to be part of this exceptional team, you’ve seen all of these faces, and I know that everybody in the astronaut office and all our international partners are ready to support this next chapter of human space flight,” she says.

Meir says this and previous missions do more than dazzle people back her on Earth.

“They had a profound impact on many other aspects of our culture and society. Stimulating participation and interest in growth of all the STEM fields,” she says. “And of course those had ramifications far beyond the realms of exploration that our society benefits from today.”

The Artemis initiative has scheduled the new round of missions to the moon to begin in 2024. Meir set a new record as part of the first all-female spacewalk during her mission to the International Space Station.