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Eclipse Mania Hits Tiny Oregon Town

Irwin Gratz
Maine Public
Tents, RV's and cars stretch into the horizon at an eclipse campground Sunday, Aug. 20, 2017, in Madras, Oregon.

Madras, Oregon, is a little town having a big moment in the sun, (or the shadowed  sun, to be exact). 

Madras has one-tenth the population of Portland, Maine, and was expecting, maybe, 100,000 people for Monday's eclipse. 

Madras is surrounded by ranch lands, some of which  have become pop-up campgrounds.  There has been a big music festival through the weekend.  A bowling alley in Madras advertised it would be open for pins and pizza 24 hours a day. 

People in RVs, tents - and some just sleeping in their cars - have been waiting for the big event.  The weather in Madras Monday dawned sunny with the possibility of some high clouds but not enough to mar the view of totality.