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This week, on Maine’s Political Pulse, the politics team looks at what's on the table during the next Legislative Session and the most recent news surrounding Sen. Collins and the upcoming impeachment trial of President Trump. Jennifer Mitchell is in hosting this week for Irwin Gratz. She spoke with Maine Public’s Mal Leary and Steve Mistler.

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New Year’s Eve is upon us and, with it, reflection on the year past. Here are some of our biggest stories of 2019, at least based on sheer traffic volume.

This week on Maine’s Political Pulse, more about impeachment.

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We’ll discuss how adults may unwittingly compromise their children’s privacy by creating digital records of every stage of a child’s life—from ultrasound images to electronic health records. Author Leah A. Plunkett joins us to talk about how to make wise decisions about what to share on social media and preventing the excessive use of children’s digital data.