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Clean Elections Act Supporters Urge Lawmakers to Fund Voter-Approved Changes

AUGUSTA, Maine - Supporters of taxpayer-funded state election campaigns met at the State House today to urge lawmakers to fully implement and fund changes to the state's Clean Election Act. Maine voters approved the changes by double-digit margins on Election Day in 2015.

The changes were touted as strengthening Maine's Clean Election system with increased accountability and transparency. Andrew Bossie is the executive director of Maine Citizens for Clean Elections.

"For politicians to ignore the voice of people after they spoke so loudly and so clearly sends a discouraging and disrespectful message to the people throughout this state: It says that our elected officials just aren't listening and don't care about the will of people," Bossie said.

The Clean Elections supporters said they were trying to send a clear message to some lawmakers who they say have been threatening to ignore the will of the voters and block implementation and funding of the new law.