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LePage Continues to Cast Doubt on Election Results

By Marina Villeneue, The Associated Press
AUGUSTA, Maine - Republican Gov. Paul LePage is telling legislators he will rubber-stamp their election certificates, despite his concerns about the accuracy of Maine's official election results.

Democratic lawmakers are criticizing the governor for casting doubt on the integrity of election results certified by the Democratic Secretary of State without providing any evidence.

Democratic Rep. Justin Chenette tweeted that LePage's "baseless rhetoric hurts democracy.''

LePage is casting doubt on results approving marijuana legalization, a minimum wage hike and an income surtax to fund schools. He's claimed that voters didn't understand the specifics, that the state may verify if college students lawfully voted and that not requiring IDs for voting means "people from the cemetery'' would vote.

Republicans maintained a congressional seat and narrow control of the state Senate and gained state House seats.