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‘I Am So Disappointed’ — Bruce Poliquin Criticized After Health Care Vote

Health care advocates and Democratic politicians held a State House news conference shortly after U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin of Maine’s 2nd District voted for the Obamacare replacement legislation put forward by House Republican leaders.

Speakers like Kay Wilkins of Ellsworth were sharply critical of Poliquin, who was accused of turning his back on constituents and voting to make health care coverage less available and more expensive than under the Affordable Care act.

“I am so disappointed in what Rep. Poliquin has done, which truly hurts Mainers,” she said.

“Congressman Poliquin has turned his back on the poor, the low-income, the elderly, the rural people of Maine. He has turned his back and they are going to have an increasingly difficult time getting health care,” said Democratic state Sen. Geoff Gratwick of Bangor, a retired doctor.

The participants at the news conference were at the capitol to support legislation that would expand health care access through a single-payer system.