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Victims Would Have Bill of Rights Under Bipartisan Measure

AUGUSTA, Maine - Republicans and Democrats are supporting a measure to create a constitutional victims' bill of rights.

Republican Senate President Michael Thibodeau's resolution would allow voters to amend Maine's constitution to enshrine specific rights for crime victims.

Those would include the right to prompt and full restitution and the right to be informed when the accused is released from custody.

Former Republican House Leader Josh Tardy has reported receiving $38,750 this year to lobby for the bill on behalf of California-based Marsy's Law for All.

The amendment would require a court to grant a victim's request to enforce such rights.

Victims wouldn't have a cause of action for compensation or damages against Maine or its subdivisions.

Thibodeau said Maine is among only 15 states that don't constitutionally protect the rights of victims.