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King Says Additional Funds For Fall Elections Are Needed

Nick Woodward
Maine Public
Tables were set up six feet apart and poll workers wore masks during the July 14 primary election.

U.S. Sen. Angus King wants Congress to provide additional funds to states for the fall elections in order to make sure Americans can vote as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

King told the Senate Rules Committee, on which he serves, that many states do not have the resources to make sure voters can vote safely during the pandemic. He says funding for personal protective equipment at polling places and flexibility in voting methods are costly, and states and local municipalities should be provided funds by Congress.

“We don’t have to but we should. And if we don’t, particularly in the light of the COVID emergency, we are failing our responsibility and failing our voters.”

King says that while he would support funding for more absentee ballots and early voting, he says online voting is not safe and could compromise the integrity of elections.

“There is no safe online voting system," he says. "There is none. I have not seen any evidence of a safe online voting system. I have seen lots of evidence to the contrary.”