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Former Sen. Cohen Endorses Biden For President, Says Trump Doesn't Deserve Second Term

Cohen and former Georgia Sen. Sam Nunn listen to testimony in the Armed Services Committee confirmation hearing for James Mattis as defense secretary, Jan. 12, 2017.

Former U.S. Senator Bill Cohen, a Maine Republican, is endorsing Democrat Joe Biden for President.

Credit Maine Public screenshot
Maine Public screenshot
Cohen is endorsing Democrat Joe Biden for President.

Cohen, who served as Secretary of Defense During the Clinton administration, says Trump doesn’t deserve another term. He says character is the most important quality for a President, and it’s one that Trump has failed to demonstrate. He says the President has abused the military, trampled on the first amendment and that he follows no consistent principles.

“I have looked at the way he has conducted his office. He has not shown any respect for the rule of law, He has publicly said it does not apply to him.”

Cohen says Biden would make a far better President.

“I know Joe Biden. I know him to be honest and decent and someone who believes in the rule of law, that believes in having competent, professional people around him, advising him.”

Cohen has been a critic of Trump throughout his entire presidency and endorsed Democratic candidate for president Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Originally published at 5:09 p.m. Aug. 26, 2020