Bill Would End Non-Medical Vaccine Exemptions In Maine

Jan 18, 2019

AUGUSTA, Maine - Lawmakers in Maine will consider a bill designed to end non-medical exemptions from childhood vaccinations this year.

Maine has one of the lowest vaccination rates for children entering kindergarten. It's also home the country's highest rate of whooping cough, a dangerous disease that can be limited with the use of an easily available vaccine.
The bill is co-sponsored by Democratic Rep. Linda Sanborn of Gorham, who is a family physician. Another co-sponsor, Democratic Rep. Ryan Tipping of Orono, tells the Portland Press Herald the bill is about "doing all we can for these children.''
A bill to make it harder to opt out of vaccines died in 2015. Republican Paul LePage, the governor at the time, vetoed the measure. The Legislature failed to override the veto.