Clean Elections Proposal Step Closer to Ballot

Feb 18, 2015

AUGUSTA, Maine - A group proposing additions to the state's Clean Elections law is one step closer to getting its measures considered.

"Well, people were very enthusiastic," says Andrew Bossie, from Maine Citizens for Clean Elections. Bossie says that Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap has certified 80,000 signatures, about 18,000 more than necessary.

The group's proposal would require so-called dark money groups to disclose their top donors, close some loopholes in the law, and increase fines and penalties for violations of clean campaign finance rules. Bossie says the state's Clean Elections laws have been weakened in recent years.

"What we - Maine people - are doing is taking matters into our own hands again," Bossie says.

The public gets 10 days to challenge the secretary of state's certification findings. Lawmakers will then have the chance to approve the group's proposal. If they don't, the measure will be put on the November ballot.