Climate Change & COVID-19: How Pandemic-Driven Changes in Behavior Might Affect Our Environment

Apr 2, 2020


  This is the first segment of a special two-hour Maine Calling, as we continue to cover the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The global shutdown of travel and other human activity has been the first, massive reduction of resources and emissions to happen on this scale. It's an inadvertent experiment on how climate change could be slowed if everyone in the world curtailed their actions that harm the environment. We discuss what short-term changes have already been measured, and what may happen in terms of long-term changes due to shifts in behavior and global collaboration – or whether these changes are fleeting.


Paul Mayewski, Director, Professor, Climate Change Institute, University of Maine
Andrew Pershing, Chief Scientific Officer & Climate Change Ecologist, Gulf of Maine Research Institute

Call-in guest: Rebecca Lincoln, toxicologist, coordinator of Maine Environmental Public Health Tracking Program, with the Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention