The History of Women in Maine: How Maine Has Been Shaped by The Work of Women Over The Centuries

Sep 4, 2020

Credit Maine Historical Society

As part of our ongoing coverage of topics related to Maine’s bicentennial, we explore the history of women in Maine. Our state has had a wealth of notable female leaders in diverse fields, from politics to the arts. We discuss some of these women and their legacies, and we look at how movements, such as suffrage, played out in Maine. 



Beth DeWolfe, professor of history, department of women and gender studies co-founder, University of New England

Eileen Eagan, associate professor of history, department of history and political science, University of Southern Maine

Anne Gass, historian, author of "Voting Down the Rose: Florence Brooks Whitehouse and Maine's Fight for Woman Suffrage"

Candace Kane (call-in), journalist, historian, speaker, former curator of the Maine Memory Network