King Says Trump Needs To Use Emergency Funding Wisely

Jun 28, 2019

Congress has passed a Senate crafted bill providing $4.6 billion for humanitarian aid for those seeking asylum in the United States.

Sen. King speaks in 2017
Credit J. Scott Applewhite / AP Photo

Sen. Angus King supported the legislation and says it is up to the Trump administration to use the money wisely.

“Supplying the money is one thing, the administration needs to step forward and do the right thing with that money,” he says. “No more of this ‘we are going to treat children badly in order to deter people coming from central America.’”

King says he is outraged at the photos and reports coming out of the facilities showing neglect and abuse of children. He says several federal agencies are given funds in the bill. The House had wanted stricter controls on spending, but Senate Republicans blocked consideration of any compromise.

“There are limitations. for example. that these funds can’t be used for building border walls and that kind of thing,” he says. “These are strictly for taking care of people.”