LISTEN: At UN, Gov. Mills Says Maine Will Be Carbon Neutral By 2045

Sep 23, 2019

Gov. Janet Mills told the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Monday that Maine will be carbon neutral by the 2045.

Gov. Janet Mills arrives at the United Nations for the Climate Action Summit on Monday.
Credit @governorjanetmills / Instagram

Mills told the international audience that Maine is feeling the effects of climate change and is taking steps to address the problem.

“We are cutting our appetite for fossil fuels, on which we have come to depend so much for heat, electricity and transportation. And we have invested in the most innovative floating offshore wind platform in the world,” she said.

Mills said the state is setting significant renewable standards and investing in clean energy and conservation.

“We are doing these things now because we believe the irrefutable science. Maine won’t wait. Will you?” she said.

Mills is the first sitting governor of Maine to address the UN. She was invited to speak by Secretary-General Antonio Guterres as part of Monday’s Climate Action Summit.