Tight Race In New Brunswick Could Determine Province's Future Economic Path

Sep 24, 2018

New Brunswick voters go to the polls today in a provincial election that appears to be a tight race between the incumbent Liberals and the Progressive Conservatives.

Liberal leader Brian Gallant and conservative Blaine Higgs each champion different economic visions for the province.

"The liberal party, the government party, has been promising new spending programs, which has raised questions from economists and others about where the money's going to come from," says Terry Seguin, of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. "New Brunswick's economy is - let's call it - underperforming.  The conservatives are advocating fiscal restraint as spending within our means."

The election results will likely indicate which vision the people of New Brunswick want for their future. "The question that is going to be answered today as New Brunswickers go to the polls is which of those visions do New Brunswickers want to embrace?" Sequin says.

People also question what influence other party candidates might have on the election outcome - a phenomena that mirrors the potential affect of independent candidates on Maine's upcoming elections.