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The U.S. Senate race in Maine is mercifully over, but politics fiends here and across the country just can’t quit it.

This week on Maine's Political Pulse:

— The historic U.S. Senate race in Maine goes to Republican Sen. Susan Collins. We'll break down how her campaign navigated difficult national headwinds and how Democratic Challenger Sara Gideon's campaign missed the mark.

— Also, a look ahead at what might be in store during Collins' fifth term.

We’ve written — and spoken — tons about Maine’s historic election and the outcomes it produced this week.

The Political Pulse team appeared live on Morning Edition to round up last night's election results from Maine. Here's what they had to say.

There has been nearly $100 spent for each of Maine’s 1.4 million residents in the U.S. Senate race.

This week on Maine's Political Pulse, Democrat Sara Gideon and Republican Sen. Susan Collins make their final arguments in a deadlocked contest awash in historic campaign spending that's given neither of the two front-runners a big advantage heading into the final days of voting.

This week on Maine's Political Pulse:

— Former Gov. Paul LePage stumps for Sen. Susan Collins at a rally fine-tuned for President Donald Trump's base of supporters

— A recap of the whirlwind week of congressional debates

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Vice President Mike Pence used a quick trip to Hermon on Monday to reiterate the president’s central reelection argument that Democratic challenger Joe Biden is a “Trojan horse” for the “radical left” who will drive the American economy into a depression.

This week on Maine's Political Pulse:

— The candidates in the U.S. Senate race make their final arguments during the home stretch of the campaign

— The historic flood of campaign cash in that race

Republican Sen. Susan Collins defended her votes to confirm judges to the federal judiciary.

Democratic challenger and Maine House Speaker Sara Gideon pressed Collins on the future of the Affordable Care Act.

Independent Lisa Savage earnestly touted the benefits of Medicare for All and the Green New Deal.

And Max Linn shelved the theatrics he’s previously used to garner attention to portray himself as the only candidate who isn’t serving party masters.

There’s less than a month left before Election Day on Nov. 3, and the four candidates in the U.S. Senate contest in Maine are making their final pitch to voters.

This week on Maine's Political Pulse:

— Republican Sen. Susan Collins tries to keep her high-profile reelection bid local as her leading challenger Sara Gideon turns up the heat on conservative judges and the president.

— The Maine Democratic Party trolls Collins with signs linking her to the standard bearer of her party.

This week on Maine’s Political Pulse podcast:

— An ugly presidential debate to match an ugly era in American politics.

— How President Donald Trump’s positive test for the coronavirus could affect his bid to win Maine 2nd Congressional District.

— And we’ll also check in on the white-hot U.S. Senate race.

Possibly the worst presidential debate in American history is mercifully over. Yet its ugliness remains.

Maine’s 2nd Congressional District received a lot of national attention four years ago. It’s about to get some more.