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This week, Maine Calling looks at Maine's evolving economy, focusing on the shifts in Maine's economy due to the pandemic. Today — How does Maine’s growing gig economy reflect national trends, and what opportunities and challenges face those who are turning to independent contracting and other gig work?

State Education Funding


Legislators from the state's Education and Cultural Affairs Committee join us to discuss the status of funding for K-12 public education in Maine, and what the outlook is for meeting or getting closer to the 55 percent state funding for education. They’ll also address the debate over the 3% surtax that voters approved to help fund schools.

Guests:  Rebecca Millett (D-Cumberland), Representing Senate District 2; she is on the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee

Rep. Phyllis Ginzler, (R-Bridgton), Ranking Minority Member of the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee

Rhonda Sperrey, Superintendent of RSU 64