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Opioid-Affected Babies: What Can Be Done To Help the Babies and Mothers Affected by Opioid Addiction


Last year, more than 900 babies in Maine were exposed to addictive substances before they were born. We’ll learn how these infants and their mothers are affected and treated, and what lasting effects this growing phenomenon has on society.


Courtney Allen, a mother of two boys who has been drug-free for three years, she helps others in recovery for addiction and is a student at University of Maine

Barbara Walsh, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and freelance writer, she wrote a recent series for Pine Tree Watch about mothers and babies affected by opioid addiction. She is also the author of "August Gale: A Father and Daughter's Journey Into the Storm," and "Sammy in the Sky," a children's book illustrated by Jamie Wyeth.


Dr. Alan Picarillo, neonatologist with Maine Medical Center


Dr. Julia McDonald (by phone), family medicine physician at Family Medicine Institute in Augusta