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Donna Loring: Maine's Senior Advisor on Tribal Affairs Discusses Issues Affecting Native Communities

Bangor Daily News

Donna Loring has stepped into a position specifically created to better represent the needs and issues of Maine’s Native communities. The state and tribal governments have had difficult relations over issues including tribal sovereignty over land claims, gambling, fishing and hunting. Recent improvements in relations include the recognition of Indigenous Peoples Day and ban of mascots reflecting Native symbols and people. We’ll discuss the history and current status of relations between the state and Maine’s Native people, as well as what Loring’s goals are in her relatively new role.


Donna Loring, Senior Advisor on Tribal Affairs to the Governor; former Penobscot Tribal Council member; author, veteran, former police chief, state representative, nonprofit leader

Maulian Dana (by phone), Tribal Ambassador for the Penobscot Indian Nation