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Deadly Seal Virus Spreads Up The Maine Coast - And It Could Affect Your Pets Too

12 hours ago
Bill Trotter / Bangor Daily News

A deadly outbreak of distemper that has killed hundreds of seals in three states is spreading east along the Maine coast, keeping responders busy as they deal with an unusually high number of reports.

Fatal Deer Disease Found In Quebec, Raising Threat Of Spread To Maine

Oct 11, 2018
Jim Cole / Associated Press

For more than 20 years, deer biologists across the Northeast have kept a wary eye to the west as chronic wasting disease was found in deer in several states. Late this summer, the disease was found in a single deer at a Quebec deer farm just north of Montreal, again raising the threat that the disease might show up here in Maine for the first time.

Shuttered Old Town Paper Mill To Be Sold To Owner Of Rumford Mill

Oct 11, 2018
Courtesy of Benjamin Underhill of Above Photography / via Bangor Daily News

The Old Town Mill is being sold again, this time to the Hong Kong company that also owns a paper mill in Rumford with a promise of bringing “well over 100 high-paying jobs” to the area.

Delays In New Recycling Plant Force Hancock County Towns To Dump Trash In Landfills

Oct 10, 2018
Gabor Degre / Bangor Daily News

Construction delays of a $69 million recycling plant have forced the rerouting of trash from eight Hancock County towns to two landfills.

Salwan Georges / Associated Press

In June 2017, Pete Zuck of Belfast began noticing that something was chewing the seeds and winter squash he was storing in a little-used back room at his home.

Maine Actress To Make Debut This Week As TV’s First Transgender Superhero

Oct 9, 2018
Robert F. Bukaty / Associated Press

Orono native Nicole Maines made history with her family in 2014, when they won a lawsuit against the Orono school district, winning the right for transgender students in the state of Maine to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity.

Jacquelyn Gill

University of Maine climate science professor Jacquelyn Gill knew that the chance to spend 10 days in the Siberian wilderness shooting a documentary about ice age fossils for the Discovery Channel was an opportunity she could not pass up.

Animal Health Care Company Says Portland Expansion Will Add 1,000 Jobs

Sep 27, 2018
Courtesy Vets First Choice / via Bangor Daily News

An animal health care company received city approval Tuesday to build a new $20 million headquarters in downtown Portland.

Bangor’s New Digital Parking Enforcement To Begin Next Week

Sep 25, 2018
Gabor Degre / Bangor Daily News

A hybrid vehicle outfitted with mounted cameras and computer software designed to detect violations by scanning the license plates of parked cars will begin roaming downtown Bangor starting next week.

Pro-Solar Coalition Sues, Claiming New Metering Rules Violate Maine Law

Sep 21, 2018
Gabor Degre / Bangor Daily News/file

A coalition fighting new state rules that reduce solar power incentives has filed a new lawsuit against Maine’s Public Utilities Commission, arguing that regulators violated state law by approving rules that will raise their costs of connecting to the grid.

Why Maine Farmers And Gardeners Are Saving Seed From This Year’s Crops

Sep 19, 2018
Courtesy Roberta Bailey / via Bangor Daily News

Fall is a busy time of year for farmers who need to harvest the last of the season’s crops and work on preparing the soil for next year. But Roberta Bailey of Seven Tree Farm in Vassalboro is occupied with something else, too: saving seeds from this year’s crop.

National Park Maintenance Backlog To Draw Members Of Congress To Acadia

Sep 18, 2018
Bill Trotter / Bangor Daily News

ACADIA NATIONAL PARK, Maine — Members of Maine’s congressional delegation are coming to visit the only national park in the state this week to learn more about Acadia’s $59.8 million maintenance backlog.

Robert F. Bukaty / Associated Press

Canadians are snapping up live Maine lobsters, buying $43.72 million worth in July, more than double in that same month last year.

Donald Trump Jr. Coming To Maine To Support Brakey

Sep 14, 2018
Sue Ogrocki / Associated Press/file

The president’s eldest son is coming to Maine in October to raise funds for the state Republican Party and its challenger to U.S. Sen. Angus King.

DHHS To Review Failures Of Maine’s Mental Health Treatment For Kids

Sep 13, 2018
Troy R. Bennett / Bangor Daily News

The LePage administration has hired a private consulting firm to lead a wholesale review of how the state provides mental health services to children and where the state’s services are falling short.