Casco Bay

A Casco Bay Lines ferry leaves Peaks Island on its way to Portland.
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Take another aerial tour of Maine with Dobbs Productions, and this time it's the South Coast of Maine. Beginning with the Piscataquis River in Kittery wind your way along the southern coast of Maine, all the way up Portland Harbor and Casco Bay.

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In July, 1.7 million gallons of mostly-treated sewage poured into Casco Bay after an employee failed to open a release valve.

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Climate change, pollution and water acidity are all among the issues affecting the water in Maine. The vastness and complexity of ocean environments, however, make it difficult for scientists to measure these important changes in the water. That’s why one nonprofit is looking to its volunteers to put a modern spin on an old way of assessing water quality.

As you take a walk along the shores of Casco Bay this summer, you may notice other beachgoers taking pictures — of the water.

Willis Ryder Arnold / Maine Public

The Peaks to Portland fundraising swim will go on as scheduled Saturday.

On Thursday about one million gallons of partially-treated sewage from the city's wastewater treatment plant spilled into Casco Bay.

Dave Madore of the Maine Department of Environmental Protection says the primary concern is bacteria in the water.

“The cove itself has a high dilution rate, so with one time behind it, a lot of that is going to move out and away. It may take some time for that to actually move out,” says Madore.

The U.S. Geological Survey says there was a small earthquake just after noon today in the Cape Elizabeth area. State Geologist Robert Marvinney says the magnitude 2.0 tremor happened just offshore.

“For people right in the Cape Elizabeth area a shallow earthquake like that will generate a fair amount of rumbling and people rumbling and they feel it,” says Marvinney.

He says reports that people heard a boom are consistent with this type of quake.

Paul Dobbins of Ocean Approved shows off the kelp grown off of Bangs Island in Casco Bay.

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Follow a group of environmentalist, regulators and natural resource managers as they tour aquaculture farms along Maine’s coast.

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PORTLAND, Maine - A new study reveals rapid changes in the chemistry of the water in parts of Casco Bay. Using more than 20 years worth of data, the environmental group Friends of Casco Bay has found high levels of nitrogen and low oxygen levels in a number of coastal locations. And that has worrying implications for Maine's shellfish industry.

Scientists at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute in Portland are trying to better understand how the ecosystem of Casco Bay is changing. This summer, they launched a comprehensive survey of marine life in the bay that will unfold over the next 10 years. MPBN's Jennifer Rooks caught up with some of the researchers.

What lurks beneath the waves off our shores?  Take part in a conversation about the changing ocean ecosystem.  Learn about the creatures great and small that thrive - and struggle - in the Gulf of Maine.  And hear suggestions about how to discover and help this often overlooked, but vital, environment.


Portland Gets First Look at New Nova Star Ferry

Apr 18, 2014
Courtesy: City of Portland

Portland got its first look at the Nova Star cruise-ferry today. The 27,000-ton 530-foot vessel arrived at the Ocean Gateway Terminal at noon, having crossed thousands of miles of ocean in the last few weeks. After an absence of more than four years, daily round trips between Portland and Nova Scotia are due to begin the middle of next month.