Edison Liu


Two experts join us to discuss the latest medical news about COVID-19: new information about transmission of the virus; evidence of chronic symptoms; effects on children; new treatments and therapies; testing for the virus and its antibodies; the prospects for a vaccine and how that will impact the pandemic.


While we have all gained some measure of expertise on COVID-19, a steady stream of new research and information about the disease continues to raise more questions. What are the different ways this disease can affect the body? Do we know more about the ways it is transmitted, or about immunity? We’ll find out how scientific and medical research informs decisions regarding what makes sense regarding quarantines and re-opening.


New information and research continues to emerge regarding COVID-19. We will discuss the evolving knowledge about the disease, including: a range of different symptoms; promising treatment; testing for both the virus itself, and for antibodies to the virus; and development of a vaccine. How are medical and scientific experts seeking answers to the many unknowns of this pandemic?


This is the second segment of a two-hour Maine Calling show, as part of our ongoing coverage of the pressing issues facing Maine during the COVID-19 crisis. For the first segment, click here.

Dr. Edison Liu, president & CEO, The Jackson Laboratory; physician who previously led the scientific response for the country of Singapore for the SARS crisis in 2003. Liu has also had leading positions at the Human Genome Organization and the National Cancer Institute.

Liu joins Maine Calling to talk about his experience leading the response to the SARS epidemic in Singapore, what is needed in the national COVID-19 strategy, how Jackson Lab scientists are helping to combat the pandemic and more. He will answer listener questions about the spread of the virus and safe behavior.