Maine State Housing Authority


The Maine State Housing Authority has awarded nearly $4 million in federal tax credits to affordable housing projects in the state.

Susan Sharon / Maine Public file

Affordable housing is a problem throughout Maine, according to a recently released report from the Maine State Housing Authority.

BATH, Maine - Housing authorities around the state of Maine are receiving more than $1 million in federal money to preserve affordable housing and services for people with disabilities.

Gov. Paul LePage's nominee to lead the Maine State Housing Authority has failed to clear the Maine Senate.

George Gervais is the governor's economic development commissioner. He was tapped by LePage to lead the housing agency that provides low interest loans to first time homebuyers and which also administers heating assistance programs.

But Democrats on the Legislature's labor committee voted to block Gervais, citing his lack of credentials and lack of cooperation with the committee as a member of the governor's cabinet.

Democrats on the Legislature's labor committee have voted to block Gov. Paul LePage's nominee to lead the Maine State Housing Authority.

All seven Democrats voted to reject the appointment of George Gervais to an agency that provides low interest loans to first-time homebuyers and administers heating assistance programs.

Two housing authorities in Maine will receive more than $450,000 from the federal government to improve opportunities for residents.

Republican Sen. Susan Collins says the money is going to the Portland Housing Authority and Lewiston Housing Authority from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Resident Opportunities and Self Sufficiency grant program.

AUGUSTA, Maine - A Republican lawmaker's bill would direct half a million dollars in state funds to treat contaminated private drinking water wells.

Sen. Joyce Maker's bill is set for a public hearing Wednesday.

Under her legislation, the Maine State Housing Authority would distribute $300,000 to organizations and agencies to help identify individuals in homes with contaminated wells.

Another $200,000 would go to the authority's home repair program to help low-income homeowners purchase well water treatment systems.

AUGUSTA, Maine - The Maine State Housing Authority has received a $3 million grant from the National Housing Trust fund and is seeking comments on how the money should be spent.

"Obviously, this isn't a lot of money, you know, so it's only going to be able to fund so many units," says Greg Payne, executive director of the Maine Affordable Housing Coalition, "and so I think it does put a premium on efficiency and leveraging."

AUGUSTA, Maine - The Maine State Housing Authority is offering low interest rates and help in meeting down payment requirements for first-time buyers this month.

Executive Director John Gallagher says 30-year mortgages carry a 2.99 percent interest rate, and the authority provides $3,500 to help with a down payment and closing costs.

"Right now, we can take advantage of the excellent bond rates that are out there because our money comes from our selling bonds," Gallagher says, "and those rates are really low right now."

AUGUSTA, Maine  — Maine Gov. Paul LePage will meet with Maine State Housing Authority officials about the fate of bonds for senior housing projects.

Voters signed off on the $15 million in November. Maine State Housing Authority board chairman Peter Anastos sent a letter to LePage on Feb. 16 asking if the Republican governor intends to approve the bonds.

LePage opposed the bond proposal last year. Anastos's letter says the board takes "no position" on the issue, but members need to know if the bonds will be approved because they would need to create a program to use them.

AUGUSTA, Maine — The state is facing a serious shortage of affordable housing with more than 38,000 Mainers paying more than half their income for a roof over their head.