CONCORD, N.H. - New Hampshire's Fish and Game Department says that a coyote that was strangled by a man after attacking his child had rabies, and that it may not be the only one.

BATH, Maine - Police say an 88-year-old Maine man was bitten on the face by a fox when he fell to the ground while trying beat the attacking animal with his cane.

The bat population has been in decline in Maine ever since 2011, when the onset of white nose syndrome caused by a harmful fungus began to kill off different bat species here. Bats are beneficial to the ecosystem, particularly because they eat insects and pests. During National Bat Week, we’ll learn about statewide efforts to monitor and foster the health of the bat population, and we’ll also talk with experts about what to do if bats are in your home—or if you are worried about exposure to rabies.

Federal agriculture officials are set to disperse rabies vaccine baits targeted at raccoons across a wide swath of northeast Maine.


We discuss the prevalence of rabies in Maine, what to do about potentially rabid animals, how to treat humans and pets who may have rabies and more.

BOWDOINHAM, Maine - Officials say a fox bit a woman outside her home in Bowdoinham, Maine, then chased a neighbor's dogs before running into the neighbor's house, where it was killed.

The Maine Center for Disease Control (CDC) is trying to identify individuals who may have been exposed to rabies last weekend in Bangor through the handling a rabid bat.

KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine - The Maine Warden Service says a woman who tried to help an injured, rabid raccoon that ended up biting her and a game warden will not be charged with a crime.

KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine - Police in coastal Maine say a person attempting to nurse an injured rabid raccoon back to health got bitten multiple times and will now undergo rabies treatment.

BUCKSPORT, Maine - Police in Maine say a groundhog that attacked a dog has tested positive for rabies.
WGME-TV reports the groundhog charged at a dog near its owner's home in Bucksport last week. Maine Centers for Disease Control biologist Eris Kilham says the animal's carcass tested positive for rabies a day after the attack.
The dog received a booster shot and is currently in a 45-day quarantine. Bucksport veterinarian Shawna McArdle is confident the dog will be OK.

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Brunswick has been a hotbed of activity for rabies in Maine this summer.


Brunswick-area residents are being warned to steer clear of wild animals acting oddly after six separate fox attacks within the past six weeks.

Several foxes have been confirmed rabid. In the meantime, several state agencies are collaborating on a plan to target raccoons by distributing more than 350,000 baits laced with oral rabies vaccine throughout northern and eastern Maine.

Rabies in Maine: Prevention & Treatment

Jul 30, 2018
Anson Eaglin / USDA-APHIS/Flickr

There have been many reports of rabid animals in Maine recently. We’ll learn just what rabies is, whether it’s on the rise and what can be done to keep family — especially the four-legged variety — safe when outdoors.

HOPE, Maine - A Maine woman out for a run says she killed a rabid raccoon that attacked her by drowning it in a puddle.

Rachel Borch, of Hope, says she was running near her home June 2 when she saw the raccoon charging her with its teeth bared. She tells WGME-TV that she knew the raccoon was going to bite her, so she held out her hands so it would bite her there.

TOPSHAM, Maine - The Maine Warden Service says a fox that attacked a worker in Topsham was likely rabid.
Wardens say the fox bit Mark Sleeper on his arm, and then attacked again before running away. The incident happened Tuesday morning at Grimmel Industries, a scrapyard.
Cpl. John MacDonald tells WCSH-TV that later in the day, a fox was struck and killed by a vehicle on the Grimmel property. He says it was a sickly gray fox with porcupine quills in its face, leading wardens to believe it's probably the same fox.