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After more than two decades as a Maine Supreme Court justice, Leigh Saufley is embarking on a new phase of her legal career as the dean of the University of Maine School of Law. Saufley rose to the top of a national search to head the law school that's fought in recent years to maintain healthy enrollment and finances. Saufley spoke with Maine Public's Morning Edition host Irwin Gratz about where the law school will be headed under her leadership, and what she got from serving as the state's top jurist for almost 20 years.

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Maine Chief Justice Leigh Saufley will step down from the Maine Supreme Judicial Court and take over as dean of the University of Maine School of Law School later this month. The appointment is drawing praise from members of Maine's legal community.

The University of Maine System Board of Trustees has voted to make the University of Maine School of Law an independent free-standing institution in the UMaine System.


A review committee created by the University of Maine System is recommending an increase in investment at the state's only law school, as well as expanded online learning and partnerships in rural parts of the state.


A human rights advocate from Mexico will deliver Wednesday night’s Justice For Women Lecture in Portland. Maria Luisa Aguilar Rodriguez will speak on the origins and impacts of the current human rights crisis in that country and the opportunities it presents.

Danielle Conway is the first African-American dean of the University of Maine School of Law. Since her appointment in 2015, she has aimed to make the school more student- and community-focused.  She’s also worked to strengthen and expand the curriculum and boosted enrollment and diversity. She’ll share her thoughts on today’s law school education and some of the pressing legal issues of the day.

Freedom of Speech

Sep 28, 2016

The definition of free speech and freedom of expression continues to be at the center of discussion -- whether it relates to the Presidential campaign, college campuses or Gov. LePage. What is considered hate speech and what is considered politically correct? What about microaggressions and trigger warnings? Is our ability to accept freedom of expression changing? Or are racist attitudes getting a free pass under the name of free speech?

Guests: Zach Heiden, legal director, ACLU of Maine  Dmitry Bam, associate professor at University of Maine School of Law

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PORTLAND, Maine - A University of Hawaii business law professor has been chosen to lead the University of Maine School of Law.

Danielle Conway is the first African-American to serve as dean of the public law school. She is currently the director of the Hawaii Procurement Institute, an independent think tank devoted to instruction and study of procurement laws.

Conway plans to start her new job in July. She says declining enrollment, student job placement and attracting minorities will be among her top priorities.

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PORTLAND, Maine - The overwhelming majority of attorneys in the U.S. are white - 88 percent, according to 2010 Census Bureau statistics. The numbers in Maine are even more extreme. And advocates of diversity say this can pose barriers to justice.