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Jennifer Mitchell studied Music, English and Anthropology at Oberlin College and Conservatory in Ohio. She has worked as News Director for Peninsula Public Radio in Homer, Alaska, and served as news producer in Bangor for Maine Public Radio in 2004. Most recently, she spent four years working in South Africa as a producer, as well as classical music presenter in Cape Town.

Jennifer is a fan of open source computing, and music of all types, including old Victrola tunes, jazz, folk, world, goth and metal. When not on the air, she can be found researching 19th century social history. Her idea of a good time is several hours in a dank basement looking at old patent applications, newspaper archives, and original recipes for intriguing Victorian delights such as sheep's head soup and shadow potatoes.

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HAMPDEN, Maine (AP) - 55-year-old Philip Clark of Hampden was arrested Friday for the alleged murder of a woman who lived at the same location on Kennebec Road.

ORONO, Maine - A research team from the University of Maine has received a $1 million dollar grant from the National Institutes of Health to further its work on a diagnostic sleep monitoring system.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents have arrested a man who they say admitted to crossing illegally into the United States from Canada, at Calais.

45-year-old Benigno Godinez-Cortez, of Mexico, was detained on Tuesday.

"It's a very vast border, but obviously vast doesn't equate to porousness,” says Houlton Sector Public Affairs Liaison, Jonathan Maynard.

As President Trump prepares to name the second Supreme Court nominee of his presidency, a group of advocacy organizations in Maine - including Maine Women's Lobby, Maine Conservation Voters, AFL-CIO and others - are urging the state's two U.S. senators to reject generic assurances during the confirmation process.

"An assurance that someone will 'follow precedent' is of course standard - and close to meaningless. We really need answers," said Mary Bonauto, civil rights project director for the LGBTQ advocacy group GLAD, in a press call Thursday.


AUGUSTA, Maine -  The majority of Maine State Parks and historic sites will offer free admission for Maine residents on Sunday. Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry Spokesman, John Bott, says the free parks day, which traditionally falls on Fathers' Day each June,  is a way to recognize that Maine tax payers make the 48 park system possible.


Preserving the Allagash Wilderness Waterway's logging history, while keeping the area wild, is one priority to come from a new report released Friday. 

The report was released by the Allagash Wilderness Waterway Foundation and the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands, which manages the area. 

A bill authored by Maine Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins and Democratic Sen. Bob Casey, of Pennsylvania, has passed out of committee as part of the Senate Farm Bill.

Collins' provision, known as the "Nourishing Our Golden Years Act," makes it easier for senior citizens to stay eligible for the need-based senior food box program. To get the food, participants have had to go through a detailed financial assessment every six months.

"This lightens up the rules so we don't have to do it as often," says Jason Hall, who oversees the USDA program in Maine.

PORTLAND, Maine - 10 sailing crews from all over the world are in Casco Bay for the final stretch of the 2018 Atlantic Cup Race.

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SKOWHEGAN, Maine - On Saturday, 2,500 permits to hunt moose will be awarded. The number of permits has been increased from last year's 2,080 permits. 90 percent of the 2500 permits up for grabs are reserved for Maine residents, with the remainder awarded to out of state applicants. In all, 54,000 people applied. 

In recent years, moose health has been affected by parasites such as winter ticks, which can keep calves from thriving, and ultimately increase mortality across the population.

Suicide rates in Maine increased by more than 27 percent over the period from 1999 to 2016. That's according to a report realeased by the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Across New England, the steepest increases in suicides were seen in New Hampshire and Vermont, with an increase of 48 percent. Massachusetts saw a 35 percent increase, Rhode Island 34 percent and Connecticut 19 percent.

Across the nation, all states saw an increase in suicides, with the exception of Nevada which showed a slight decline.

Catalyst Paper Corp. is selling its U.S. operations, including its paper mill in Rumford, Maine.

A spokesperson for Nine Dragons Paper says it is not planning any layoffs in Rumford, which has a workforce of more than 600 employees.

Friday Nine Dragons announced that it would purchase the Rumford operation, along with facilities in Wisconsin and Ohio, from the Canada-based Catalyst Paper for $175 million.

Sales of single family homes in Maine ticked up by 8.59 percent in April, compared to April of 2017.

According to the Maine Association of Realtors, more than 1200 such homes were sold in April, with a median sales price of $200,000, about 8 percent more than the year before.

Maine Association of Realtors President, Kim Gleason, says the increasing price is one indicator that few houses are available compared to the number of buyers.

Robert F. Bukaty / AP Photo

The ACLU of Maine says the outcome of a federal free speech case against President Trump bodes well for a similar lawsuit the organization filed against Governor Paul LePage.

ACLU of Maine Legal Director, Zachary Heiden says in both cases, the defendants were stifling comments and participation on a public social media site.

Residents of Islesboro are suing the Maine State Ferry Service over its recent ticket price hike.

The Bangor Daily News reports that the lawsuit was filed Wednesday in Kennebec County Superior Court.

The conflict arose last month after the ferry service announced a simplified fee structure, which changed all ferry fees to one flat rate, system-wide: $11 for a round-trip passenger ticket, and $30 for a vehicle.

Trevor Lyons / Radio-Canada

Flooding in Northern Maine has been worse than usual this spring, thanks to late snows, a fast melt, and ice-choked rivers. And just over the national border, the flooding along the St. John River is being described as historic.

It has been days since 49-year-old Markus Harvey has been able to drive a car.

"I've been driving the last two weeks by tractor on the road between my place and up river,” he says. “From my place downriver, there is no vehicles.”